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Solar Panels Hull

It’s Time for Solar


Control your energy.

With the ever rising costs of energy, take back control of your bills with Solar. We create a bespoke plan to maximise your potential output and get you the best return on your investment. 


Solar PV panels are a efficient, easy solution for any new build application, it a simple way you can meet SAP targets, energy reports, the Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM ratings, Part L and local planning requirements of local planning departments.

We have many integrated and innovative roof solutions and we work very closely with architects to reduce the visual impact of Solar PV on a building’s roof.

East Riding Energy have ongoing relationships with several companies including, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Beal Homes, Hobson & Porter, Risby Homes and many more….

New build solar panel installation


As a home owner you will be seeing your electricity and gas bills increasing year after year. Having solar PV installed at your property will help reduces these bills, your carbon footprint and you’ll become that little bit greener.

Solar is one of the easiest renewable technologies to install, depending on system size and specification, a full solar PV system can be installed in under a day and you can benefiting from cheap clean energy.

With access to all the major manufacturers of panels and mounting systems we pride ourselves on finding the correct solution for your existing building and with hundreds of completed installations over many years we deliver the highest quality installations and service.

Domestic Solar pv system with battery storage


East Riding Energy Ltd aims to make the process from initial project idea through to installation and project completion as smooth, easy and stress free as possible. We pride ourselves on delivering a complete solar PV solution both on time and on budget.

Our installation teams cover the whole of the UK, we provide a comprehensive service to ensure your commercial project goes smoothly whether for a retrofit or a new build Solar PV installation project.

We have gained experience through many years of commercial projects and as an independent accredited solar PV installer, you can be assured of our approach and advice on which solar PV solution will most suit your business needs.

Commercial solar panels


Save Money. Earn Money. 

Take back control of your energy usage and reduce dependancy on the grid. By having solar, you generate your own energy and sell the excess. 

Solar Panel system

Your electricity supplier will pay you a set rate for each kWh (unit) of electricity that is generated by your solar system. The rate you will receive depends on the size of the PV system installed and the date your electricity supplier receives the FiTs application from, which we will complete on your behalf.


In addition to the generation tariff your electricity supplier will also pay you a further known as the export Tariff.  Currently for system below 30kWp your suppliers will assume 50% of your Solar PV Generation will be exported to the grid and therefore will pay you an export tariff for that 50%.


Export tariff for solar
Save money on electricity bills

If you can use the solar PV generated electricity at the time it is being produced (during daylight hours) you will not be importing this amount from the national grid and so your electricity bills will be lower, giving you a further saving. The more you can use at the time of generation, the higher the saving you will make.



Power your home and business.

Solar works in multiple ways depending on the bespoke design we create for your home or business. Contact us for your free quotation.

Commerical Solar panels on a church

In order to qualify for the FIT scheme, the products and the installer need to be MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified both East Riding Energy Ltd and the products we install are MCS accredited.


The FIT’s rate you will receive depends on the date of eligibility as well as the level of EPC your building has. Your building needs to have a Level D or above in order to obtain the highest FIT rate. If your property does not have an EPC already we recommend you obtain one, which needs to be carried out and certified before the solar PV commissioning date. Please contact us about this for more information.

NB – buildings without an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of Level D or above will get a reduced tariff but will still receive export tariff.


If your solar PV system is 50kW or less you will apply through the MCS route. You will need to obtain the FIT form from your electricity supplier, as the FIT payments are a contract between you and your supplier.


In roof and on roof solar pv installation
In roof solar system

The ROO-FIT accreditation process is for solar PV installations over 50kW. There are two options for application being either Full ROO-FIT or FIT preliminary accreditation; the best option depends on what the likely date of the solar PV system commissioning date will be. Please contact us for more information.


The FIT scheme changed in February 2016 and Ofgem, who administer the scheme, publish the tariffs at the start of each quarter. The rates offered are subject to deployment in the previous quarter so we cannot confirm what future rates will be. However, the current rates are below. These assume the building has an EPC of Level D or above and that you don’t own more than 25 solar PV systems.


Solar panels on apartment block


Trusted, approved, national installers.

Check out all of our recent bespoke Solar projects in Hull and East Yorkshire. Exclusively designed for each customer and their specific requirements.

Want to know more about our Solar services?

We'd love to hear from you! Whether you require complimentary advice on solar or you would like a no obligations quote, one of our energy experts are here to help.

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